5 Reliable Dog Care Businesses in Austin TX

There are many places in Austin that cater to pets, and dogs in particular. However, it is not easy to find the bet one, where the owner can relax as thy know someone trustworthy is helping them.

We looked at 68 Austin-area businesses and chose 5 of the best to present. Without further ado, here are our top picks for ways and places to spoil your dog in Austin.

Dog Washing – Healthy Pet Austin

First we have Healthy Pet. It offers the best products to satisfy all of your pets needs. They carry a large variety of holistic and natural products. Furthermore, they believe that every pet deserves only the best. Due to this, they only offer the highest quality products. They also offer a Do It Yourself Dog Wash, where they supply everything you need to wash your pet.

Owners will no longer need to make a mess at home when they wash their pet, as they can do it at Healthy Pets. It is as simple as just going into one of the locations; there is no need to make an appointment. Overall, Healthy Pets caters to all of the dog needs. Visit the Site.

Natural Dog Food – Tomlinson’s

Another invaluable spot is Tomlinson’s Feed. They offer high-quality dog supplies. They have healthy food and treats which are all produced by the best locally owned producers. Moreover, they have different events every weekend. They have adoption days and holiday parties, as well as many other exciting events for both the dogs and the humans. These events create a community of pets and pet owners where everyone feels at ease. They also offer a wide variety of services designed to keep your pet healthy and happy, as they deserve. From dental cleaning without anesthesia to vet visits, they provide multiple services that will satisfy all of your dog’s needs. They only hire the best professionals to care for them, so all owners can relax as their pet is in the hands of a passionate member of the team. There is no doubt you can trust Tomlinson’s Feed to provide the care for your dog that they deserve. Visit the Site

Dog Training Austin – Precision K9 Work

Austin Dog Training – PrecisionK9Work works every day with you and your dog to strengthen the bond between the both of you while their expert trainers teach obedience to the dog. No matter what training the dog needs, they will receive a personalized obedience training that is designed based on the needs of both the dogs and human.

The training that the dogs go through aims to work with its personal traits, instead of going against the dog’s nature. They have trained hundreds of dog into well-behaving dogs. Precision K9 Work believes that every dog has its unique personality, temperament, and learning ability. They have extensive knowledge of different training methods to accommodate to everyone. You can trust that Precision K9 Work offers the best training available to satisfy both the dog and the owner. Visit the Site

Dog Walking Austin Dog Butler

When looking for a dog walker look no further than Austin Dog Butler. They promise a premier dog walking team. They care deeply about the dogs and have accumulated enough experience to understand what do dogs and owners want. All of their walks are one on one, which means that there is only one dog per walker. Doing the walk like that allows the walker to pay exclusive attention to the dog. This rule will only change when there are multiple dogs in the same household, which will be walked together, as long as they get along with each other.

They also offer boarding and some other excellent services for your dog. Their attention to detail and excellent service separates them from the rest. You can trust that your dog is on the hand of a dedicated, passionate member of the team. They are all insured, bonded and trusted. They offer all of this services at an affordable price and give amazing discounts for every additional dog in the household. Visit the Site

Luxury Dog Supplies – Fetch

Fetch aims to please even the pickiest of all pet owners. They offer a large variety of products to spoil all dogs. No matter the size, breed, or personality, there is someone for everyone They offer tasty treats and fabulous accessories to brighten the dog’s day. They also have an extensive line of beds and other furniture were consumers can find a comfortable place for their dogs. Designed for people that truly adore their dogs, Fetch is the top place to find them what they want. Make your dog look amazingly stylish with the wide variety of different accessories designed just for him. Visit the Site

5 Tips for Shopping Without the Guilt and Hassle

You get two types of people: those who love shopping and go too far and those who hate shopping and don’t go at all. I have the shopping tips that will help both types of people shop better. It will keep the shopping lovers from shopping themselves into trouble and it will help the shopping haters get the job done quickly and painlessly. Follow these simple tips and you will be a smarter shopper.

1. Make a list

The list is your best shopping tool. Take some time to prepare your list by checking the things that you have in your cupboards and closets. Write things on the list that will fill a gap. Make sure that your gap-fillers are necessary and not just something you want ‘because’. Carefully draw up your list and use it to shop. Don’t buy anything that is not on that list.

2. Set up a budget

Before going on your shopping trip, determine what your budget is. Make a realistic call on what you can afford to spend and still feel comfortable once you get home and a few days have passed. A budget will help you shop without guilt.

3. Use cash, not credit

It has been proven that we spend more when we pay on credit than when we pay with cash. Cash feels more real and you can actually see it leave your wallet and your hand. The ‘invisible’ credit card money is much easier to spend and much more dangerous. To be a smart shopper, pay with cash.

4. Shop at the best time for you

Shopping can be exhausting especially to people who don’t really enjoy it. If you prefer quiet malls and quick shopping outings, choose the least busy times. Evenings and Saturday mornings tend to be very busy, so avoid shopping at those times.

5. Don’t shop when you are emotional or hungry

There is something to be said for retail therapy, but it should be done with care. Don’t shop when you are angry, sad, hungry, lonely, or bored. We spend more and buy things we don’t need and won’t use when we are emotional.

If you stick to these few tips, you will be a smart shopper with less debt, less guilt, and less of what you don’t need.

4 Top Thrift Stores in Austin, Texas

Vintage is cool and saving some money is even better. Austin has a large variety of thrift or second-hand stores to choose from. You will find great furniture, clothing, shoes, music, art, and almost anything else in these stores and you will find them at a fraction of their original cost. Even if you don’t find what you are looking for, a trip to any of these stores is an experience in itself.

The best thrift shops in Austin include:

Uncommon Objects – Uncommon Objects has been around since 1991 and offers a unique collection of things. You will find taxidermied baby chickens, crystal chandeliers, and almost anything else you might have seen on Pinterest. The owner curates every item carefully and this shop ensures that you will have a great experience and walk out with more ideas than you know how to execute.

Feathers Boutique – Feathers Boutique opened in 2005 and has earned its spot at the top of the list for women’s vintage clothing. The store offers clothing items from the 1920s all the way through to the 1990s and even some modern items. If you want New York quality for Texas prices, this is where you want to go.

New Bohemia and New BROhemia – New Bohemia is unique because it offers vintage clothing for both men and women. Men’s vintage clothing stores are not something you will find often, but Bohemia and its brother store, BROhemia, made sure that men also get some style. These stores offer a large variety of 70s and 80s concert t-shirts. They have a little bit of cowboy and a little bit of rock ‘n roll without the rock star prices.

Cheapo Records – Cheapo Records is a large store offering a huge selection of second-hand CDs, records, and tapes across all music genres. It also has some second-hand movies where you might just find a long-lost gem. This store is an escape for any music lover and will keep you busy for days.

If these great stores are not making you itch to go shopping, nothing will. You are sure to find amazing treasures and re-invent your style with these thrift stores.

4 Great Austin Christmas Markets and Fairs You Cannot Miss

One of the greatest shopping experiences you will ever have is visiting the Christmas fairs and markets in Austin. We have the most talented, passionate, and amazing people who live here and offer their products and services at these fairs and markets. Not only will you get fantastic things at good prices, but you will also be supporting our locals and their hard work. There are so many of these markets, but I have chosen a few that I have really enjoyed over the years.

Blue Genie Art Bazaar

This is one of my favorite markets to visit. I love art and this bazaar features works from over 200 of our local artists. You will find jewelry, paintings, sculptures, and prints that will blow your mind. For a truly unique and arty experience, visit this 4-week bazaar this year.

Gruene Market Days

This is one of the markets that run every month of the year but takes on the full Christmas spirit in December. You will find the best Christmas gifts at this market. It will be unique and you will be in high spirits the whole of December. The market also offers fun things to do for the kids.

Cherrywood Art Fair

Image Source: CherryWood

This fair is only in town for a few days in December and it is not to be missed! Cherrywood is the longest-running non-profit art fair in East Austin and will not cause you a single minute of boredom. There is so much to see, to do, and to appreciate. I will be attending again this year as my favorite artists will have booths.

Hutto Downtown Christmas Fair

Those of you in North Austin, you have a pretty special fair coming your way again. Hutto has the best family-friendly fair that offers something for the kids and mom and dad. The kids can play, have a train ride, or have their faces painted. They also show a movie in the park every year.

With all these fairs and markets coming up, we best start saving for Christmas now. All these markets and fairs offer the best products from our local artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out!

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