Local Austin Culture – One of the Best in the Country

Austin has experienced rapid growth over the past several years, and this is largely due to the unique Austin culture. While a hospitable business climate, a thriving economy, and natural beauty have something to do with the influx of new residents, many of those looking for homes in Austin Texas for sale are drawn by the city’s unique sensibilities. What makes Austin so special? It comes down to the dreamers who imagined what Austin culture could be, back in the 1990s, and have kept the dream alive, to make it all happen.

Austin’s music scene is legendary

Considered the “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin draws hopeful young musicians by the score, consistently revitalizing the already thriving musical community. SXSW is only part of the picture- the hill country rings with music all year, with hundreds of venues providing a wide variety of acts to appeal to every taste.

The thriving economy is boosting the arts

Austin culture is not just limited to musical delights, and during the dot.com boom, plans were set in motion for a number of new cultural venues, including nine new or renovated museums, two new performing arts organization headquarters, one new and one renovated theater, and a new three-venue performing arts center, all in the heart of the city. The ensuing financial downturn stopped many of these projects in their tracks, but the current rebound has renewed interest,  it looks like most of this cultural makeover will be complete.

Local artists are the ones that make it all happen

Without the perseverance of local arts groups, Austin culture would not be where it is today. Financial considerations aside, it takes a passion for the arts to ensure that dance, theater, art, and music continue to flourish, grow, and provide valuable opportunities for Austin residents and visitors.

Restaurant scene in Austin is diverse and acclaimed.

With restaurants spanning just about every cuisine, Austin’s restaurateurs show the creativity that makes Austin culture so special. Way beyond Tex-Mex and barbecue, dining in Austin features everything from sushi to pork bellies, in venues that range from food cart to five star.

  • Special events keep Austin hopping! This summer alone, the city hosts a wide range of big name concerts, the “Keep Austin Weird Fest”, a production of Les Miserables, and movies under the stars. Austin residents are never at a loss for something to do and see.

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