5 Tips for Shopping Without the Guilt and Hassle

You get two types of people: those who love shopping and go too far and those who hate shopping and don’t go at all. I have the shopping tips that will help both types of people shop better. It will keep the shopping lovers from shopping themselves into trouble and it will help the shopping haters get the job done quickly and painlessly. Follow these simple tips and you will be a smarter shopper.

1. Make a list

The list is your best shopping tool. Take some time to prepare your list by checking the things that you have in your cupboards and closets. Write things on the list that will fill a gap. Make sure that your gap-fillers are necessary and not just something you want ‘because’. Carefully draw up your list and use it to shop. Don’t buy anything that is not on that list.

2. Set up a budget

Before going on your shopping trip, determine what your budget is. Make a realistic call on what you can afford to spend and still feel comfortable once you get home and a few days have passed. A budget will help you shop without guilt.

3. Use cash, not credit

It has been proven that we spend more when we pay on credit than when we pay with cash. Cash feels more real and you can actually see it leave your wallet and your hand. The ‘invisible’ credit card money is much easier to spend and much more dangerous. To be a smart shopper, pay with cash.

4. Shop at the best time for you

Shopping can be exhausting especially to people who don’t really enjoy it. If you prefer quiet malls and quick shopping outings, choose the least busy times. Evenings and Saturday mornings tend to be very busy, so avoid shopping at those times.

5. Don’t shop when you are emotional or hungry

There is something to be said for retail therapy, but it should be done with care. Don’t shop when you are angry, sad, hungry, lonely, or bored. We spend more and buy things we don’t need and won’t use when we are emotional.

If you stick to these few tips, you will be a smart shopper with less debt, less guilt, and less of what you don’t need.

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